World Festival of Animated Film /
6 to 11 June 2022
World Festival of Animated Film / 6 to 11 June 2022
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Animafest Zagreb 2022 Best Animation School Award to National Film and Television School from United Kingdom

The selection committee of the Student Film Competition of the World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb 2022 has decided to give the Best Animation School Award to the National Film and Television School – NFTS from United Kingdom.

The selection committee members Daniel Šuljić, Kata Gugić and Hrvoje Selec said in their statement that this is an internationally acknowledged institution, an exemplary model of good practice and excellence in specialist high education. This institution is a leader in creating film talents and an important stakeholder in creative industry in UK and beyond.

The Department of Animation stands out for its quality of stop motion technique, which thrilled the selection committee with this year’s submitted entries. The NFTS and the works of its students confirm high standards and years of experience in steering the students through the importance of team work and still fostering the uniqueness of individual creative trademarks.

The official Student Competition selection includes four films - Curiosa (d. Tessa Moult-Milewska), Do Not Feed The Pigeons (d. Antonin Niclass), Night of the Living Dread (d. Ida Melum) and Soft Animals (d. Renee Zhan) - although their entire annual production stands out with skillful combination of media and techniques, engaging storytelling and exceptional visual designs. Next to the selected titles, the NFTS has entered another series of interesting films which all together contributed to the decision on the Best Animation School Award. The selection committee members feel that this year’s NFTS selection represents the very peak of student animation film production.