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World Festival of Animated Film / 6 to 11 June 2022
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Coraline / Coraline


Coraline / Coraline

Henry Selick

United States / 2009 / 96' 0''



A girl named Coraline and her parents have recently moved. While bored, but needing to pass the time away, Coraline explores her new house. There she walks through a secret door and emerges into an alternative version of her life - a better version, wonderful and thrilling, and less dull. But when this fantastical adventure turns dangerous, Coraline must count on her determination and bravery to get her back home. Coraline is not just a fairy-tale, but a nightmare steeped in classic storytelling, craftsmanship, and the old-fashioned art of moviemaking magic.

Henry Selick

Henry Selick (1952) is an American stop motion director, producer and writer. He studied at the Program in Experimental Animation at California Institute of the Arts, under the guidance of Jules Engel where he made two award-winning student films Phases and Tube Tales. Graduating from CalArts in 1977, Selick at Disney worked as an in-betweener and animator trainee. In 1979, he took off to work on his own personal project - a stop-motion and cel animated Seepage (1981), but after returned to Disney to work on visual development for a variety of projects. In 1990, he made Slow Bob in the Lower Dimension, which combined live action, stop animation and cut-out animation. It attracted a lot of attention and led him to direct the full-length stop-motion film, The Nightmare before Christmas (1993). Years later, his skills and direction were called upon to complete James and the Giant Peach (1996) and Monkeybone (2000).



Henry Selick


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