World Festival of Animated Film /
3 to 8 June 2019
World Festival of Animated Film / 3 to 8 June 2019
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After yesterday’s official opening of the 28th World Festival of Animated Film, Tuesday at Animafest is the first real ‘working day’ full of films and other events at all cinemas and display spaces.

The programme begins with the consecutive slots of the Children and Youth Programme at 9.30am at Kinoteka: Children’s Film Competition (age 4-7, and 14+ at 11.30am), followed by Q&As with filmmakers and film analysis moderated by Višnja Vukašinović. At 3.30pm, Family Programme section ‘On Strength’ follows (age 6+). The line-up at Kinoteka continues with A Dog's Life – a touching omnibus by the pioneer of Taiwanese  new  wave Chang Yi and one of this year’s magnificent films dedicated to ‘the man’s best friend’. Kinoteka’s line-up closes at 10pm with a screening of This Magnificent Cake! – a first class event for animation lovers, another films by Emma de Swaef and Marc James Roels, the authors of Animafest Grand Prix and Cartoon d’Or  winners for Oh Willy…, a woollen puppet film. Another omnibus from this year’s Feature Film Grand Competition takes place in late 19th century colonial Africa.

Tuškanac cinema starts at 11am and 1pm with Short Film Grand Competitions 6 and 5, including the latest titles by classics Vladimir Leschiov (The Electrician’s Day), Riho Unt (Maria and 7 Dwarfs) and Georges Schwizgebel (The Battle of San Romano), the Oscar winners David Fine and Alison Snowden (Animal Behaviour), the new celebrity of world animation, Iranian Mojtaba Mousavi (Mr Deer), the pioneer of women’s contemporary animation Marta Pajek (III) and two other original authors Sarina Nihei (Rabbit’s Blood) and Laurène Braibant (The Ogre), Israeli queer author Dotan Moren (Lovers like Us) and the leading Chinese animators Xu An and Xi Chen (A Fly in the Restaurant). Another attractive title is the lavish animation documentary Five Years after the War. At 3.30pm, a retrospective of the finest works made at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (KASK) is scheduled, followed by the Student Competition 1, including a film by the Croatian author Marko Belić (Flimflam), and the radical Flower Found! by Jorn Leeuwerink, My Little Goat by Tomoki Misato and Food for Fraught by Reid McManus, as well as technically fascinating Mixed Materials by Anna Van Riel, Astrale by Bérénice Motais de Narbonne, and A Love Letter to the One I Made Up by Rachel Gutgarts. Another must see is a very original view on sexual assault, taken by Kiana Naghshineh in Augenblicke. At 8pm, a retrospective of Lithuanian animation cinema is scheduled, and the 10pm slot welcomes the first horror theme section ‘Memento Mori’, dedicated to a historical cross-section of this genre in animation.

A colourful cinematic journey at Europa cinema opens with the Student Competition 4, including films Travelogue Tel Aviv by the great talent of world animation Samuel Patthey, the visually intriguing Him&Her by Nathalie Lamb, the quirky The Autopsy of Sven Svensson by Hadas Coen and Shir Pakman, and the psychedelic Spacedogs by Sophia Schönborn, as well as one of two films by Paulina Ziolkowska O Mother!.

After World Panorama, at 3.30pm another Animafest central event is scheduled – a retrospective of the Lifetime Achievement Award winner Paul Fierlinger, followed by a Q&A.

Afterwards the festival is screening the nostalgic Korean coming-of-age film The Shower by Jae-hoon Ahn and Hye-jin Han, based on a favourite short story and brightly and romantically coloured, followed by another Feature Film Grand Competition entry The Man-Woman Case by Anaïs Caura about Eugene Falleni, the famous transgender person accused of a cruel murder of his wife, and his life full of violence and search for identity. Anaïs Caura is staying for a Q&A with the audience after the screening. The Short Film Grand Competition 2, also with the presence of many filmmakers, includes the beautiful and touching Handbook for Gardening about the relationship between a mother and her autistic son, Cyclists by Veljko Popović, inspired by Vasko Lipovac, another visually fascinating but ethically burdened Augur from Portugal, the comic book comedy 5 Euros, the computer play Fest by the enfant terrible of global animation Nikita Diakur, and the anticipated film on Velvet Underground by the Hollywood cinematographer Anthony Jannelli, who attended their first ever concert. The line-up at Europa closes at 10pm with a Feature Film Competition hit entry – the sci-fi musical adaptation of the famous fairy tale Cinderella the Cat, again followed by a Q&A.

At 10am, the Balassi Institute is hosting the 5th international Animafest Scanner V symposium. After the introductory speech by the keynote speaker Paul Wells, a discussion about the connection between animation and sport and character design in animation will follow. The moderators and speakers include Erwin Feyersinger, Olga and Michał Bobrowski, Naima Alam, Jason Kennedy, Sabrina Kainz, Mikhail Gurevich, Nikica Gilić and Hrvoje Turković.

At 1pm, at ULUPUH Gallery, the exhibition Morgan’s Organs, with a selection of macabre works by Robert Morgan will open. This British artist (The Cat with Hands, The Separation, Bobby Yeah), a master of Claymation inspired by Švankmajer, Francis Bacon, David Lynch, the Quay Brothers and E.A. Poe, is the author of a unique contemporary animation horror oeuvre.

At 6pm, the French Institute Mediatheque is presenting books by Midhat Ajanović (Strip i film), Rajko Petković (Američki animirani film do 1941. Godine), Boris Kolar (Sjećanja i razmišljanja jednog Zagrepčanca) and Vladimir Rismondo (Bakliža, od akta do akta). Tuškanac cinema’s small hall is hosting an animation workshop for high schoolers, mentored by Miloš Tomić.

Another ‘horrific’ exhibition will take place at Mesnička Cultural Centre – Einar Baldvin, the award-winning LA-based animator of Icelandic origin, the founder of GLAS Animation studio, is exhibiting unique, scratched and burned manuscripts under the title The Lost Gyldenbrae Manuscripts, as well as drawings and prints from the dark epic fantasy graphic novel The Crawling King. A party will follow after the opening of the exhibition, organised by Vimeo Staff Pick and Radio Student.

Finally, a programme at Art Park begins on Tuesday, under the name Three Nights of Complete Horror, opening at 10pm with the feature zombie film by Frank Sudol The City of Rott. As Sudol made a name for himself with stop-motion adaptations of horror classics, the lovers of George Romero should not miss tonight’s event at Art Park.