World Festival of Animated Film /
28 September to 3 October 2020
World Festival of Animated Film / 28 September to 3 October 2020
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A Légy / The Fly

Ferenc Rófusz

Hungary / 1980 / 3' 7''


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Tuesday, 29. 09.,
Kino SC, 13:00 h
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Thursday, 01. 10.,
Theatre &TD, 20:00 h


Ferenc Rofusz was awarded the Academy Award for Animated Short Film for his unique movie, The Flyin 1981. The movie is three and a half minutes long and was the first background-animated motion picture in the world, and it took him more than two years to create. He used black crayon pencils to draw about 3600 unique spots to create the illusion as if a fly was in place of the camera, showing us what it would have seen. The animation was recorded with a 35mm camera, and he used a lab trick in order to achieve the final, brownish-yellow colour that can be seen throughout the movie. The idea came from the album Ummagummaby Pink Floyd (1969). The masterpiece is amongst the 100 Greatest Animation Shorts of all time.


Ferenc Rófusz


Pannonia Film Studio Budapest


Ferenc Rófusz


Zoltán Bacsó


András Horváth


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