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World Festival of Animated Film / 1972.
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The Secret of Kells at Museum of Contemporary Art

From Saturday, 11 December, Museum of Contemporary Art’s Art Cinema Metropolis starts screening the famed animated film The Secret of Kells, distributed by Hulahop, an Oscar nominee and winner of the audience award at the largest world festival of animated film in Annecy.

The Secret of Kells was directed by Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey, and coproduced in 2009 by Irish, French and Belgian production companies. The film will be screened in English with Croatian subtitles. The duration is 75 minutes and it is intended for children aged 8 or more and all other film aficionados. In Zagreb it is screened only at the Art Cinema Metropolis, where it is available until Wednesday, 29 November.

Magic, fantasy and Celtic mythology are intertwined in a rich combination of colours and details in a magnificent tale of the power of fantasy and belief that lead mankind through dark ages. Twelve hundred years ago, Brendan, an orphan child, meets friar Aidan, the guardian of the outstanding but unfinished book of illuminations. Aidan entrusts Brendan with an important task – to finish the Book of Kells – which leads him into a new life of creativity and fantasy, with adventures, danger and action lurking around the corner. The Viking invasion threatens from all sides and Brendan, with the help of the mysterious girl Aisling, faces his deepest fears in order to fulfil his duty. The Book of Kells is a masterpiece of European art, while this cinematic tale, a combination of fantasy and legend, speaks of its making.