World Festival of Animated Film /
7 to 12 June 2021
World Festival of Animated Film / 7 to 12 June 2021
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ALU AR 2 – Augmented Reality App

Group Exhibition by the students of the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts

SC Cinema Foyer
7-12/06 Mon – Sat 10:00 – 22:00 h

ALU AR 2 is a project of the Department of Animated Film and New Media of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, sponsored and created in collaboration with digital agency Mašinerija. It was implemented as part of the first-year course “Multimedia Exercises and Techniques in Animated Film,” offered in the first year of the graduate program of Animation. 

Mentor: Daniel Šuljić, D.A.

Find the stickers with the illustrations around festival venues, scan the QR code and download the app. Start the animations and collect all 6 of them!

Jellyfish In Space / Svemirske Meduze, EUGEN BILANKOV
Dioniz / Dyonisus, NIKOLINA ŽABČIĆ
Jaje / The Egg, ANA DESPOT
Izašlo iz Raja/ Made in Heaven, FILIP ĆULIĆ
Sačuvajmo pčele / Save the Bees, MARIJA GORUPIĆ
Sumnjiva ljubav / Fishy love, LUKA LEOV
Vrtuljak / Carousel, ANNA SALUZZO