World Festival of Animated Film /
short and feature edition 4 to 9 June 2018
World Festival of Animated Film / short and feature edition 4 to 9 June 2018
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La Mort, père & fils / The Death, Dad & Son

Grand Competition Short Film 3


La Mort, père & fils / The Death, Dad & Son

Denis Walgenwitz, Winshluss

France / 2017 / 13' 32''


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Wednesday, 06. 06.,
Europa Cinema, 20:00 h
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Saturday, 09. 06.,
Tuškanac Cinema, 17:30 h


Death’s son doesn’t want to take over the family business. He secretly dreams of becoming a guardian angel. This will trigger a series of disastrous consequences. His dad will have to get him out of the mess.

Denis Walgenwitz

Director, script writer and animator, Denis Walgenwitz has co-directed two films with Nathalie Pat: Three Little Pigs in Space (1993) and Like a pixel on the soup (1999). He has founded in 2000, and directed until 2005, the French stop-motion animation studio "Studio image image", in Château-Renault. He has worked on the animation feature film Persepolis (released in 2007), as the assistant of its directors Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud. He directed A love of TV’s (2007) a short stop motion film, and he recently worked as additional production assistant on My Life as a Courgette.  



Vincent Paronnaud, aka Winshluss, is a figure of the French underground comics. His personal touch is provocative, marked with black and quirky humour, and with an uncommon liking for immorality and for appropriation of myths and social stereotypes. With his friends and colleagues Felder and Cizo, he has founded the magazine of comics “Ferraille Illustré”. He published several comics books - among which "Smart Monkey" (2004) and "Wizz et Buzz" (2007) – and directed short and feature films. He co-directed feature film Persepolis with Marjane Satrapi in 2007. He is also a musician.



Denis Walgenwitz, Winshluss


Je Suis Bien Content; Schmuby Productions


Winshluss, Marc Jousset


David Coutures


Olivier Bernet


Nazim Meslem


Jean-Luc Gréco, Carherine Buffat


Grand Competition Short Film 3