World Festival of Animated Film /
short film edition 3 - 8 June 2014
World Festival of Animated Film / short film edition 3 - 8 June 2014
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SPECIAL EVENTS | Exhibitions


Date and time: May 23 - June 8, 2014
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

ANIMATION GOES MSU! – the media façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art, 23 May – 8 June, will show 16 site-specific animated works from all over the world (Japan, Australia, China, USA, Croatia, Austria, Canada, Serbia, New Zealand). These are the winners of a large competition for site-specific animation, selected on behalf of the now traditional collaborators, Animafest and MSU, by Daniel Šuljić and Leila Topić. The screenings begin on 23 May at 8pm, which makes the programme ANIMATION GOES MSU! the first Animafest 2014 event.

Led by the criterion of original creative approach and animation technique creativity, the Animafest art director and the curator of the Collection of Film, Video, Photography and Media Art with the MSU inspected the 50 submitted applications and chose the works that best fit with MSU’s three-part media façade.The selected works include Big Hands Oh Big Hands, Let It Be Bigger And Bigger by the Chinese multimedia artist Lei Lei, the authors of this year’s Animafest trailer, who will thus present himself more than once to the Zagreb audience. A similar is valid also for Dirk de Bruyn, a master of expanded and experimental animation who has for 35 years been connecting evocative sound nuances and lavish colours in his works with intriguing performances. And while the Novi Zagreb passers-by will see de Bruyn’s OptSnd#1, the author himself will participate at the symposium Animafest Scanner 2014 at the Large Hall of Školska knjiga, with a speech on experimental filmmaker Neil Taylor. Another symposium participant to ‘appear’ on the façade is Austrian Holger Lang with his film Review.

Attention should be paid also to the talented Croatian filmmakers Tea Stražičić (02V0IT0A0), Maja Kalogera (with two works, New City and Awakening of Particles) and Juliana Kučan (Passage). Ivan Mršić (I Can Hear You With My Eyes) represents New Zealand, and Tom Mikulić (A Tribute to the First Computer-Animated Animafest Trailer Z’84) Australia. Mikulić is a pioneer of computer animation and animation designer for the Olympics and Eurosong. With this work he looks back at Animafest embracing modern-day technology 30 years ago. The Estonia-based Japanese artist Alimo presents himself with the work Open Play, Forgetting EyeJonathan Hance from the USA with It Occurred To Me While Walking Down The StreetFilip Roca (Serbia) with ChromosomeParissa Mohit (Canada) with Where Have I Seen This Before and Ben Ridgway with three works compiled in one (Tribocycle / Cosmic flower unfolding / Continuum infinitum).

The list of all works to be screened on MSU’s media facade within the scope of Animation goes MSU:

Akira Arimochi, Open Play, Forgetting Eye (Japan/Estonia) 
Dirk de Bruyn, OptSnd#1 (Australia) 
Jonathan Hance, It Occurred To Me While Walking Down The Street (U.S.A.)
Maja Kalogera, New City (Croatia)
Maja Kalogera, Awakening of Particles (Croatia) 
Juliana Kučan, Prolaz (Croatia)
Holger Lang, Review (Austria)
Lei Lei, Big Hands Oh Big Hands, Let It Be Bigger And Bigger (China)
Parissa Mohit, Where Have I Seen This Before (Canada)
Ivan Mršić, I Can Hear You With My Eyes (New Zeland/Croatia)
Ben Ridgway, Tribocycle / Cosmic flower unfolding / Continuum infinitum (U.S.A.)
Filip Roca, Kromosom (Serbia)
Tom Mikulić, A Tribute to the First Computer-Animated Animafest Trailer Z’84 (Australia/Croatia)
Tracy M. Robbins, Strange Neighbors (U.S.A.)
Andi Spark, Peaking, Crashing, Falling (Australia)
Tea Stražičić, 02V0IT0A0 (Croatia)