World Festival of Animated Film /
short film edition 1 - 6 June 2010
World Festival of Animated Film / short film edition 1 - 6 June 2010
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Grand Competition Selection Committee   |   Matija Pisačić


Matija Pisačić, born in Zagreb, 8th May 1975, graduated from the Zagreb School of Applied Arts and Design in 1994 with a thesis on comics. He studied philosophy and religion at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb. He is an active member of ULUPUH (Association of Croatian Visual Artists in Applied Arts) and Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association.

Illustrations and comics: In the 1995-1997 period he took part in the activities of the artists group Kolektiv Variete Radikale, publishing a series of illustrations and comics in their editions. His works from that period were also published in Novi List, Modra Lasta, Kult, Arkzin, Homo Volans. In the years to come, he published comics and illustrations in children’s magazines Šalji dalje and Modra Lasta, often collaborating with Krešimir Zimonić. Together, they created a comic book serial Vatrene ulice. In the 1999-2004 period he drew the Svebor i Plamena comic for Modra Lasta, based on Darko Macan’s script, and worked as illustrator on a number of books published by Egmont, Herceg Press, Abc naklada, Alfa and Znanje. His works regularly appear in Jutarnji list and OK! magazine, and he often collaborates with Q magazine. In 2007 and 2009 he was one of the associates of the Animafest management, designing posters for the world festival of animated film in Zagreb. He participated in numerous illustration and comic exhibitions in Croatia and internationally.

Animated film: In 2002 he was the author of script, visual design, animation and direction for a 45-second animated film entitled Muško NE nasilju nad ženama!, produced by the animation studio Plop. The film was screened on Croatian Television on several occasions. In 2006 the Croatian Ministry of Culture granted him the funds for the animated film Fantastična odiseja doktora Zodiaka. It was produced by the Croatian Film Clubs’ Association. In 2008 it premiered at Animafest Zagreb in the international competition programme. In 2009 it was screened at film festivals around the world (Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, France, China etc.). In 2009 Matija Pisačić collaborated on the animated film Zlatkine žute minute by Krešimir Zimonić, produced by Zagreb Film, as an animator and head cartoonist.

Advertising agencies: Pisačić works with a number of advertising agencies, designing their visual solutions for print ads and TV commercials. Through these agencies he worked for clients such as Coca Cola, Microsoft and Croatian Tourist Board. For the latter, he designed three animated TV clips in 2009.

Awards: 1997 – with the comic authors and illustrators’ group Kolektiv Variete Radikale, innovation in comics award, Comic Book Salon in Vinkovci
1997 – 2nd prize for comics, Comic Book Salon in Vinkovci
1999 – 1st prize for the comic Vatrene ulice, Comic Book Salon in Vinkovci
2009 – Oktavijan award for best animated film, Fantastična odiseja d. Zodiaka, 18th Croatian Film Days