World Festival of Animated Film /
feature film edition 2 - 7 June 2009
World Festival of Animated Film / feature film edition 2 - 7 June 2009
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Boogie El Aceitoso / Boogie El Aceitoso

Grand Competition


Boogie El Aceitoso / Boogie El Aceitoso

Gustavo Cova

Argentina / 2007 / 85' 0''


Tuesday, 02. 06.,
Europa Cinema, 22:30 h


Boogie, el aceitoso arrives like a breath of stale air, hiding an arsenal beneath his coat. The smoke of his cigarette wafting through a dark alley lets yet another poor brute know that his time has come. Unlikable and out of touch with reality, he is a sexist brute, a violent racist, the most fearful assassin for hire in the city, and wherever he goes, he leaves pools of blood while he dishes out his warped version of justice.

Gustavo Cova

Gustavo Cova (1966, Buenos Aires) started working as a director’s assistant after making several short films. He graduated from Avellaneda’s Visual Arts Institute at 22. Since 1993 works as an advertising film director, and has also worked as a director in TV shows and documentaries. His work shows his skill in visual effects and animation, where he has been an innovator in the use of several resources in his country. Being one of the best qualified directors in terms of post-production, he always makes use of new technologies to benefit the story.

Selection of works: Adorable criatura (1998), 100 años de Carlos Gardel (1989), Alguien te está mirando (1988), El puente (1985)

Selected festival history: Annecy



Gustavo Cova


Illusion Studios S. A


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Grand Competition