World Festival of Animated Film /
30 May - 3 June 1988
World Festival of Animated Film / 30 May - 3 June 1988
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Programme Committee: Joško Marušić, president
Borivoj Dovniković, Ranko Munitić, Darko Marković, Neven Petričić, Vesna Splivalo, Ante Zaninović

Festival Director: Borivoj Dovniković - Bordo

Films entered for competition 462
Participating countries 21
Films in competition 45
Films out of competition 41

International Selection Committee
George Griffin - USA
Co Hoedeman - Canada
Pavel Koutsky - Czechoslovakia
Ranko Munitić - Yugoslavia
Manuel Otero - France

International Jury
Zlatko Bourek - Yugoslavia
Richard Evans - Great Britain
Jim Henson - USA
Yan Ding Xian - China
Karel Zeman - Czechoslovakia

Official Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award Chuck Jones, USA

Grand Prix
Zavtrak na trave Breakfast On the Grass, Priit Pärn, USSR

Awards in categories

Films shorter than 5 min
Museum, Petra Dolleman, The Netherlands

Films from 5 to 12 min
George and Rosemary, Alison Snowden & David Fine, Canada

Films from 12 to 30 min
Zavtrak na trave Breakfast on the Grass Priit Pärn, USSR

Educational films
Not awarded

Films for children
V Zooparke - Remont In the Zoo - Repair, N. Lerner, USSR

Best first film
La Lune, Ann Shenfield, Australia

Special award for graphics
Leptiri Butterflies, Krešimir Zimonić, Yugoslavia

Special award for animation
One of Those Days, Bill Plympton, USA

Special award for music
The Cat Came Back, Cordell Barker, Kanada

Special award for sound effects
Lalilonska kula The Tower of Lalilon, Rastko Ćirić, Yugoslavia

Special award for humour
The Cat Came Back, Cordell Barker, Canada

Special award at the discretion of the jury
Paradisia, Marcy Page, USA
Red’s Dream, John Lasseter, USA

Films by Chuck Jones
Films by Donio Donev
Canadian animation (on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of NFB)
ASIFA festival winners (1960 – 1985)
French animated commercials
Zagreb film – recent production

Animated feature films
Alice, Jan Švankmajer
American Tail, Don Bluth
When the Wind Blows, Jimmy Murakami
Macskafogo Eye, Faith Hubley
The Man Who Planted Trees, Frederic Back

Original drawings from Chuck Jone's films
1. International exhibition of Caricatures
Stamps of animated film

Man and Machine, Dan McLaughlin (UCLA)
Abstract and non-narrative animation by computer, Michael O'Rourke, Susan van Baerle, New York Institute of Technology
Computer animation, Michel Romand-Monnier, Centre National de la Cinematographie, France

Poster by: Zlatko Bourek