World Festival of Animated Film /
19 - 24 June 1978
World Festival of Animated Film / 19 - 24 June 1978
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Paul Fierlinger made his first commissioned animated film in Prague in 1958. He has worked as a freelance animator and director in Paris, Hilversum, Munich, New York and Philadelphia, making over 800 films over a period of 51 years. Sandra Fierlinger studied Fine Arts in Boston and Pennsylvania. She graduated in 1978 and started out as a horticulturalist. In 1989 she joined Paul Fierlinger’s studio beginning as a cel colourist and background painter and soon worked her way up to make an equal contribution in all aspects of film production. The Fierlingers have been working together for 20 years on many award-winning TV films, series and commercials including Dexter for Nickelodeon, Still Life with Animated Dogs for PBS, and the Drawn from Memory.