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Animafest Zagreb 2024 Best Animation School Award to La Poudrière

The selection committee of the Student Film Competition of the World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb has decided to give the 2024 Best Animation School Award to La Poudrière. The selection committee members Daniel Šuljić, Matea Kovač and Laura Martinović said the following in their statement:

"La Poudrière animation film school has been confirming its remarkable reputation for years through art films that have distinguished themselves at Animafest Zagreb. This year the school again showcased a collection of films reflecting a wide variety of art and animation techniques, with topics done in a mature and subtle way. This year’s Best Animation School award reflects a deep respect towards La Poudrière, which regularly thrills us with visually attractive and conceptually deep films. The school is dedicated to the development of animation talents using a pedagogical approach that emphasises equality, diversity and inclusivity. It offers its students various perspectives that help them shape their own path as auteurs. By fostering the individuality of every student, the school encourages different styles and approaches, while teaching how to create powerful narrative structures and carefully directed scenes.

The films gathered here bring warm human stories to life in an emotional and universal way, using language understandable to all. Whether it is a classic drawing on a white background or a combination of photography and animation, the films screened at Animafest Zagreb set high standards of animated film production and stimulate the acceptance of cultural and sociological differences.

La Poudrière animation film school offers its students a wide range of possibilities to express their creativity and individuality, helping them fulfill their potential as directors and animators both in the art and commercial sphere. The name "La Poudrière" (gunpowder magazine) reflects the school's original purpose and is a metaphor for an explosion of talent inside its walls."

Two films from the school will be shown in the Student Film Competition: See you, champion! (dir. Alexis Mouron) and Love and Pretence (dir. Alonso Lorca), and a special program of Animafest Zagreb 2024 will present the school and show a retrospective of the best works of their students.

The Best Animation School Award will be presented to Annick Teninge, director of La Poudrière, at the official opening ceremony of the World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb 2024.