World Festival of Animated Film /
5 to 10 June 2023
World Festival of Animated Film / 5 to 10 June 2023
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Animafest 2020 Children and Youth Programme: Imaginative Tales of Friendship, Family and Travels

Animafest Zagreb 2020 Children and Youth Programme, most of which takes place at Kinoteka, includes an international Films for Children Competition, an attractive Family Programme with exciting feature films and short theme selections, an optical toys workshop at the French Institute Mediatheque, and free events at Zagreb’s cultural centres (Travno, Trešnjevka, Dubrava, Sesvete and Maksimir), as well as screenings at the Metropolis MSU Cinema and Urania.

Due to the current epidemiological circumstances, the Films for Children Competition will be available to primary and secondary schoolchildren and kindergarten children in their classrooms and departments online, giving them a chance to improve their media literacy.

The entries for the Films for Children Competition are selected by media psychologist Martina Peštaj, the editor of the Children and Youth Programming at Radio and Television Slovenia, categorising them by age groups, for preschool children (4-7), younger schoolchildren (7-10), older schoolchildren (10-14) and young adults (14+). A total of 41 films in this competition present stories of friendship, family, imagination, love, courage, trust, memories and travels. The pre-schoolers, for instance, can watch stories about a forest choir, little animal friends, magicians, badminton and birthday parties, younger schoolchildren about plush toys, theatre shows, ice skating and sea, older schoolchildren about space travels, too, Lisbon and sea shore, and young adults about fugitives, facing the past, storms, environment and smartphones. Films for Children Competition are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, 2 and 3 October, at Kinoteka in the morning hours. Tickets can be purchased at the Kinoteka box office and via ulaznice.hr at a price of 25 kuna.

The Family Programme, ideal for watching in the company of parents, starts this Saturday, 26 Sptember, at the Metropolis Cinema MSU at 4pm, with the lavish feature film The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily (8+) by Lorenzo Mattotti. This screening also celebrates the 10th birthday of the Metropolis Cinema, at a ticket price of 10 kuna at the cinema box office and website. The same day Kinoteka is screening the free section ‘Animafest Presents: What a Hoot’, a selection suitable for the 4+ age group.

Another magnificent feature film, The Prince’s Voyage (6+) by the legendary Jean-François Laguionie, is scheduled for Saturday, 3 October, at both cinemas, Metropolis and Kinoteka, and in association with Kino.hr in Plaški and Duga Resa. Tickets at a price of 25 kuna are available via ulaznice.hr and at the cinema box office.

Short film sections under the titles ‘Little Mischiefs, Big Adventures’ (6+, Saturday, 3 October, Kinoteka, 1pm) and ‘La fête du cinema d’animation: Games and Trinkets’ (3-6 years, Saturday, 3 October, Urania, free admission) comprise the backbone of the Family Programme. The best films of the 11th VAFI, international animation film festival for children and youth Varaždin, and a selection of films for children and young audiences are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, 3 and 4 October at 11am at Travno, Dubrava, Sesvete, Maksimir and Trešnjevka cultural centres as part of the free event Animafest in Your Neighbourhood.

The French Institute Mediatheque is hosting an optical toys workshop on Saturday, 3 October from 11:30 to 13:00, mentored by Antonija Veljačić, with registration at radionice@institutfrancais.hr.