World Festival of Animated Film /
3 to 8 June 2019
World Festival of Animated Film / 3 to 8 June 2019
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The last day of the 28th World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb 2018 features the most important moment – the prestigious award ceremony – but while we await the event (Europa cinema, 7pm), just as interesting film and side events are scheduled. At 7pm we will find out who won the Grand Prix in short and feature film Grand Competition, the Golden Zagreb Award for creativity and innovative artistic achievement, the Zlatko Grgić Award for best first film made outside an educational institution, the Dušan Vukotić Award for best student film and the Best Croatian Film Award. The children’s jury will announce the winner in the Children’s Film Competition and the audience will choose their short and feature favourites, who will take home the Mr M Award.

Animafest’s Children and Youth Programme reaches its peak on Saturday at Kinoteka with fireworks of animated joys: before the Oscar-nominated Breadwinner at 5.30pm, an exciting and magical tale about an Afghan girl and the healing power of storytelling, based on Debora Ellis’s bestseller, made by the creative team of Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea, and produced by Angelina Jolie, the little ones will have a chance to see a performance of Professor Balthazar – Around the World, directed by Mario Kovač (11am) and a selection of Balthazar films, as well as a fully packed family and competition programme that they will hardly find time to take a break.

The morning at Tuškanac cinema will be marked by celebrity masterlasses. At 10.30am, game designers Onat Hekimoglu and Ole Tillmann, the authors of Harold Halibut, and Johan Oettinger, the author of Vokabulantis, will speak about stop motion in video games. Harold Halibut, a handmade adventure by German developers Slow Bros., was made of puppets and different materials (wood, clay, metals, textiles) and leans on self-reflexive humour inspired by the genre classics like Space Quest. Vokabulantis is an episode game combining puppet film and puzzle PC platformer, developing linguistic communication. At 11.30am a masterclass by Kim Keukeleire follows. This Belgian animator, specialising in stop motion, an associate of Tim Burton and Wes Anderson and one of the leading female feature animation celebrities, will speak about character animation in this year’s Animafest hit film, Andersen’s Isle of Dogs. At 1pm, a Vimeo Staff Picks presentation follows – one of the most important online video channels and an extremely important award for young filmmakers presented at this year’s festival. Vimeo’s curator Meghan Oretsky will present the insider scoop of daily content curation and reveal what it takes to be selected. At 2pm an intense pro event is scheduled, open to the interested public, wrapping up with Pedro Rivero (Psyconautas, Birdboy), a member of Animafest’s Short Film Grand Competition jury, who will speak about the specifics of screenwriting and storytelling in animation.

Saturday is the day for Animafest in Your Neighbourhood. The film Revolting Rhymes, based on famous Roald Dahl’s popular picture book, combining the classic fairy tales Little red Riding Hood, Snow White and The Three Piglets with a naughty twist, will be screened at cultural centres Dubrava (11am), KNAP in Peščenica at 5.30pm (1st episode) and 6.30pm (2nd episode), and Maksimir on Sunday at an 8pm open air event.

After another Baltic focus on Estonia (3.30pm) and Short Film Grand Competition 3 (5.30pm), Tuškanac is hosting another event of special interest to Croatian cinema. For the first time in Croatia, Animafest’s audience will have a chance to see the animated documentary film Chris the Swiss (8pm), presenting our country at Cannes Film Festival. What makes this screening special is a chance for the audience to finally see the film so much was written and spoken about and to have a chat with the director Anja Kofmel. In a Q&A with the audience, she will touch upon this intriguing wartime intimate tale about investigating the circumstances of a young reporter’s death, but also open a discourse about the most important topic of all when a film is concerned – the artistic merit. Tuškanac closes with a rerun of the horror section I Know What You Drew Last Summer.

Europa cinema is also off to a powerful start – with Benjamin Renner’s Big Bad Fox at 11am, a unique combination of humour, gag, motion picture book and the atmosphere of popular Ernest and Celestine, followed by Croatian Film Competition screenings at 1pm and 3.30pm with 18 new Croatian films and, of course, a usual Q&A session. After that – something completely different! Croatian animators will cook for you at Europa cinema’s lobby at 5pm and treat the festival guests after the screening with homemade food and desserts. After the wonders of Croatian animation – the wonders of Croatian cuisine.

The official award ceremony is scheduled for 7pm, followed by a screening of award-winning short films.

At 10pm, Tuškanac Summer Cinema is hosting the second and last screening of Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, also a special dog-friendly open air event. Luckily, Tuškanac Summer Cinema seats more people than Europa, which was on Thursday packed with interested audience. Tickets should be purchased as soon as possible.

Animafest’s closing party takes place at 11pm at Mesnička Cultural Centre.