World Festival of Animated Film /
3 to 8 June 2019
World Festival of Animated Film / 3 to 8 June 2019
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Friday at Animafest: Spectacular Anime, a Puppet Performance and Biker Jackets

The week of Animafest is coming to an end, but the appeal of the programme of the 27th World Festival of Animated Film, as well as the atmosphere of its guests who spent the first half of Thursday at the traditional picnic, will soon explode with popular anime: at 8pm Tuškanac cinema is hosting a unique screening of probably the most famous representative of this Japanese animation style – Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo (1988), an adaptation of the iconic mange by the same author. Also the pinnacle of cyberpunk, Akira and its idiosyncratic dystopian iconography of a metropolis and biker gangs is one of the most significant sci-fi films in history. After this two-hour explosion of anime, screened only once due to the strict rules imposed by the production company Akira Committee, the audience will get another chance to see Rosto's rock/metal retrospective (10pm), leading to conclude that biker jackets will be a prized possession at Animafest this Friday.

Grand Competition – Feature Film will show you the 'latest craze' in anime, with the film In This Corner of the World (Europa, 1pm) by Sunao Katabuchi. Another mange adaptation, this anti-war film is set in Hiroshima and Kure before and during WWII. The director began his career as an assistant to Hayao Miyazaki and then made a name for himself as a feminist director. The same section includes, immediately afterwards, The Girl without Hands (Europa, 3.30pm) – a fauvist adaptation of a tale by brothers Grimm.

All day long at Europa's lobby, Thomas Johnson Volda, one of our leading stop-motion animators, will be creating a puppet performance The Painting Platform. In association with several invited animator, Johnson's puppets will become artists on the screen and directly create action painting.

A masterclass at KIC (11.30am) will be hosted by one of the most peculiar filmmakers today, the mentioned Dutch artist Rosto. He will speak about creative ambitions in work with his surreal musical fantasies. Admission is free and open to the public, just like other events in the section Animafest PRO taking place on Friday: a panel Making Independent Animation Now! (KIC, 10.30am), with the winner of Annecy Dahee Jeong, Marta Pajek, Karsten Matern, Marko Tadić, Ben Mitchell, Amid Amidi and Veljko Popović, as well as a presentation by Eva Cvijanović, Making of The Hedgehog's Home (KIC, 1.00pm).

The film programme at Kinoteka for the young ones will seriously put their patience to the test: from 9.30am to 6.30pm, the schedule lists: Children's Film Competition 4 (9.30am) and 1 (11.30am), Russian Classic Fairy Tales (3.30pm) – specially recommended by Animafest to children and parents for family watching, and the globally popular Gruffalo (5.30pm). After almost a day of youth occupation of Kinoteka, somewhat more mature viewers will have a chance to enjoy the films nominated for the European animation a3ard Cartoon d'Or (8pm) and films by Croatian comic book authors (10pm).

Europa cinema is screening the attractive Student Competition 1 (11am) and the elite sections: Grand Competition – Short Film 5 (7.30pm) and 6 (8pm). The day at Europa ends suitably for this late hour – with the obscene plot of Fritz the Cat (10pm). Tuškanac, waiting for Akira, shows Grand Competitions 3 (11am) and 2 (1pm), making Friday a perfect day to catch up with Animafest's 'elite' category. After the competition, it's time for the Best Animation School – FAMU from Prague (3.30pm), whose students and alumni will demonstrate how close they are to their iconic envoys Jiří Trnka, Karel Zeman and Jan Švankmajer.

Friday at Animafest ends with yet another festival after-party, this time at Melin.