World Festival of Animated Film /
3 to 8 June 2019
World Festival of Animated Film / 3 to 8 June 2019
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Animafest Zagreb 2013 prepared rich Children and Youth Programme inviting them to also join two free workshops

Twelve feature-length animated films in the Children and Youth Programme

The most interesting titles are definitely the multi award-winning film, dubbed in Croatian, about the (impossible) friendship between a mouse and a bear Ernest and Celestine; the lavish Italian adaptation of the classic about the wooden puppet, Pinocchio by Enzo d’Alò; one of the most popular Japanese films, Wolf Children; and The Painting, the enchanting French animated film, whose thrilling plot takes place in a work of art with unfinished characters as protagonists. 

Another cult film not to be missed is the most viewed Norwegian film in history, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix; followed by Kurt Turns Evil, made by one of the most acclaimed Norwegian animation studios; and the French film The Day of the Crows, hand-drawn lavish animated fairy-tale from the World Panorama programme. The selection also includes the Korean biographic tale Approved for Adoption and one of the most popular animated films in Estonian history Lotte and the Moonstone Secret – dubbed in Croatian. The closing film of the Festival will be the Japanese entry From up on Poppy Hill, written by the greatest living manga artist and one of the most important animators in the world, Hayao Miyazaki. His son Goro Miyazaki directed the film.  

Novelty – two types of family pass

As always, the Family Pass is one special offer guaranteeing visitors with children entrance to all screenings marked with a hat, meaning that they are children-suitable. This year two types of family passes are available – one for one child and an adult, and the other for two children and an adult. Aided by the partner of the entire Children and Youth Programme – the children’s savings programme Pčelica by Zagrebačka banka – Animafest’s Pčelica centre will be opened on level 2 and active every day of the festival from 10am to 8pm.  

Pixilation and stop-motion and optical games workshops

With the aim of familiarising the youth with animation as much as possible during the festival days, workshops for children are organised. From Tuesday, 4 June, to Friday, 7 June (5pm-7pm), and on Saturday, 8 June (10am-12am) pixilation and stop motion will be presented to children aged 7-13. The workshop facilitator will be the successful young animator Petra Zlonoga, who will teach her trainees what is pixilation and what is stop-moton, how to animate inanimate objects and how to draw a child out of a hat. Join us in any of the scheduled slots and register by e-mail: djeca@animafest.hr, or by phone: 091/3063 055.  

Weekend welcomes another workshop, optical games, organised in collaboration with Sedmi kontinent association. Optical games present an interesting journey to the very beginnings of cinema and animation. Kaleidoscope, zoetrope, thaumatrope and flip book are some of the devices the workshop facilitators Snježana Gabelić and Ana Jukić from Sedmi kontinent association will help the participants make. The workshop is intended for children aged 6-9, and you can register via e-mail: djeca@animafest.hr, or by phone: 091/3063 055.

In addition to the unique chance for the children and adults to enjoy some of the finest animated titles and participate in workshops, at Animafest’s Pčelica centre the festival organises an exhibition of interactive video games suitable for children, in which animation is the key element.  

Animafest in Your Neighbourhood

Animafest in Your Neighbourhood are traditional Sunday matinees at three of Zagreb’s cultural centres. On 9 June at 11.30am the ones in Dubrava, Travno and Trešnjevka host a free screening of Lotte and the Moonstone Secret, dubbed in Croatian.