World Festival of Animated Film /
3 to 8 June 2019
World Festival of Animated Film / 3 to 8 June 2019
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Osmijeh / Smile

Matea Kovač

Croatia / 2019 / 4' 36''


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Saturday, 08. 06.,
Tuškanac Cinema, 12:00 h


The main topic of Smile is formed with the aim to question the universal understanding of love. The author explores this topic by relating the phenomenon of love to the phenomenon of a rigid form of consumerist society, which is at last presented through the lens of the laws of nature. In the film, the laws of nature are represented by the characters of merchants who want to dehumanise the human smile by the continuous and violent offering of goods and services at the market of absurdity. The Smile represents a moment of resistance against the rooted social norms, as well as the merchants’ attempts to make Smile give up on resisting consumerism. Among the omnipresent emptiness, Smile finds its escape in another, authentic smile.

Matea Kovač

Matea Kovač is an animator born in Virovitica (Croatia) in 1993. She received her BA in Media Culture from the Department of Culturology in Osijek with a thesis on the Zagreb School of Animation in the 1970s. In 2018, the author obtained an MA in Animation from the Department of Animation and New Media, Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, with a short animated film entitled Smile. Her films often explore the topics of the consumerist society, human nature, always with a hint of humour. She currently lives in Zagreb, animating for herself but sometimes working on other projects as well. Her films are Somnambul (2012), Consumeroid (2015), Smile (2019).



Matea Kovač


Zagreb film; Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb


Matea Kovač


Matea Kovač


Vjeran Šalamon


Vjeran Šalamon


Matea Kovač


Matea Kovač


Mentor: Darko Bakliža


Croatian Film Competition 1