World Festival of Animated Film /
short and feature edition 5 to 10 June 2017
World Festival of Animated Film / short and feature edition 5 to 10 June 2017
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SIDE EVENTS | EXHIBITIONS | Motion Comics: The Beginnings

Motion Comics: The Beginnings

06–11/06 Tue–Sat: 10–20 h, Sun: 10–13 h ULUPUH Gallery

Motion Comics – The Beginnings is the first exhibition entirely devoted to interactive comics. During the Animafest edition of this traveling exhibition you can experience a selection of six interactive and augmented comics on Samsung tablets, along with process art, prints, and more.

With the rise of smartphones and tablets the number of people who read comics on a screen is steadily increasing. The exhibition features six innovative ‘indie’ motion comics made for Samsung tablets, created by inquisitive makers who push the artistic boundaries of the comics medium.

Motion Comics – The Beginnings is an initiative of the Fumetto – International Comix-Festival Lucerne (CH) in collaboration with the Amsterdam-based platform for digital storytelling, Submarinechannel.com.


Memory Catcher (CH, 2014)
Transmïi Studio

Memory Catcher is a Find & Frame augmented comic strip. The comic uses the Memory Catcher Android app in combination with four large wall posters. The app coordinates the adventure. Through its camera mode, you are invited to scan the augmented posters for clues on how to progress the story.

Niko and the Sword of Light (UK/CA, 2014)
Jim Bryson, Adam Jeffcoat

Drawing on the traditional narrative of a seemingly powerless individual finding the strength to save the earth through a magical item, Niko and the Sword of Light’s strong point lies in its great attention to detail in its animations. Aimed at younger audiences, Niko is one of the most fluently and dynamically narrated motion comics.

Priya's Shakti (US/IN, 2014/2016)
Ram Devineni, Dan Goldman, Paromita Vohra

A hugely successful augmented reality comic book series designed to teach teens and young adults about gender-based sexual violence and gender equality. Using the free app, you can scan the comic book pages to view animations, real-life stories, films, and other interactive elements pop-out of the pages. Priya’s Shakti became an immediate hit with over 500 news stories worldwide and nearly 500,000 digital downloads.

Netwars – The Butterfly Attack (DE, 2014)
Filmtank GmbH, M. Sean Coleman, Verena Klinke, Felix Mertikat

The year 2017: Europe’s top military officers employ a team of elite hackers. By order of the EU, they conduct a secret cross-border cyberwar exercise. But what started out as a simulation, suddenly becomes deadly serious. The interactive graphic novel tells a dramatic story of modern warfare, friendships and betrayal in three episodes with great 3D graphics, interactivity and background information.

Phallaina (FR, 2016)
Small Bang, Mariette Ren

Audrey is a young girl who suffers from hallucinatory fits during which she sees whales. After undergoing tests, she discovers there’s an anomaly in her brain that enables her to remain underwater for prolonged amounts of time.
Phallaina is a scrolling graphic novel for tablets and phones. The user experience is fluid and straightforward: A simple swipe of the finger allows you to move the story forward.

Modern Polaxis (AU, 2014)

Modern Polaxis is a paranoid time traveller who believes our reality is actually a fifth dimensional holographic projection from another plane in the universe. He is determined to find the projectionist. The book is Polaxis’s private journal. He writes about his day to day life, but all his secret information, his paranoid delusions and conspiracy theories, are hided in the Augmented Reality layer.