World Festival of Animated Film /
short and feature edition 5 to 10 June 2017
World Festival of Animated Film / short and feature edition 5 to 10 June 2017
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Silent / Silent

Aimee Chang

Taiwan, United States / 2016 / 2' 3''


Tuesday, 06. 06.,
Tuškanac Cinema, 17:30 h
Friday, 09. 06.,
Europa Cinema, 11:00 h


In this animation, an ear is searching for a mouth to listen to, but it only encounters unpleasant voices. Meanwhile a mouth is searching for an ear to speak to, but it only encounters a ‘buzz off’ sound. In our lives we may hear unpleasant things that we don’t want to hear, or find that we cannot control what others would say. We may also hear something pleasant one day, and wonder if the sentiments are fake – wonder if it is a trap. Our innocence might be taken, put inside a box, and never be opened again. Or are we the hypocrites that set traps and pretend to be nice?

Aimee Chang

Aimee Chang is an illustrator/animator based in New York, originally from Taipei, Taiwan. She digs into the inner thoughts of her mind and focuses on expressing the emotion and concept through short animations and illustrations. Her recent works are to explore subjects related to senses, relationships, and interactions between individuals by using organs as metaphor. Her stories are often implicit and welcome multiple interpretations.



Aimee Chang


Maryland Institute College of Art


Aimee Chang


Aimee Chang


Hen Chen


Hen Chen


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