World Festival of Animated Film /
short and feature film edition 6 - 11 June 2016
World Festival of Animated Film / short and feature film edition 6 - 11 June 2016
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Interested in projection mapping? Apply for the workshop!

You always wanted to try your hand in projection mapping, but you've never had the chance? Animafest Zagreb will make it possible for you!

Animator Tea Stražičić and a programmer and visual artist Goran Goldin will be your mentors at the Projection Mapping Workshop that will take place from June 6 to June 10 at the Zagreb Dance Centre

The aim is to bring the world of projection mapping close to animators and to expand their horizons with another branch of visual expression close with animation.

During five days of the workshop, participants will be acquainted with the whole process of preparation and performance of projection mapping. 

They will be equipped with theoretical, technical and practical knowledge; they will create a joint concept in line with the guidelines given by the architecture of the building to be mapped, Zagreb Dance Centre, and following that concept they will create animations, depending of their own personal aesthetic aspirations and animation styles. 

The workshop will also cover technical aspect necessary for the mapping: participants will be acquainted with available software and hardware solutions and with different approaches and mapping techniques. 

The joint work made by the participants and the mentors will be shown on the last day of the workshop, as a visual performance, on the facade of Zagreb Dance Centre.  

The condition for the application is advanced knowledge of computer animation and a possession of a computer with animation software of choice. The number of participants is limited to 10. 

The workshop will take for five days, four of which will be dedicated to theory and practice (Zagreb Dance Centre, 4- 5 hours a day, starting at 10 AM) while on the last day of the workshop the results will be shown on the facade of Zagreb Dance Centre. 

Please apply on tea.strazicic@gmail.com or goran.goldin@gmail.com  until June 5th.

Goran Goldin, programmer and visual artist, is present on the Croatian and international AV scene since 2009. He was one of the founders of LITEMOTIF collective known for visual experiments, visual interaction with the public, live scene lightning and video mapping. 

Since 2012 Goran is the mentor for VJ-ing and mapping workshops at the Independent Cultural Centre Medika.

In 2011, together with street artist OKO, he was in the finals of T-HT@MSU competition, in 2013 he participated in Mapping Festival, in 2014 he was a member of the team chosen to design the interior of the Croatian pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015, and in 2015 he performed at the Illectricity Festival as a visual artist.

Tea Stražičić is the author of poster illustrations and the official festival trailer for 26th Animafest Zagreb. She gained her masters degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zagreb and graduated from production of animation film programme Animation Sans Frontiers. At the moment, she is at Open Workshop residence in Denmark. 

Tea publishes a comic in Heavy Metal magazine (USA), she also created graphic design for Hartera music festival and illustrated the cover for Zarez magazine and children books. Her work was a part of visual identity for the Vox Feminae and DRAGram festivals. 

She is also known as a VJ Fluff Lord at Živa Muzika collective. Together with her younger sister Marta, Tea founded a Schwestern Sisters collective, and both sisters are members of Adriatic Animation studio.