World Festival of Animated Film /
short and feature film edition 9 - 14 June 2015
World Festival of Animated Film / short and feature film edition 9 - 14 June 2015
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Animafest Prepares Thematically Colourful and Educational Animated Films for Young and Very Young Audience

This year, three film sections of the 25th Animafest Zagreb are intended for the young and very young audience: Children’s Film Competition, Retrospective of Animated Film School from Čakovec, and Animafest in Your Neighbourhood.

The exciting journey through Children’s Film Competition was designed by media pedagogue Martina Peštaj, who chose the films according to age groups, and the result is a trusty and colourful selection of 40 short films.

Animated films for pre-school children and younger schoolchildren are mostly animal-themed. They all aim to expand the young viewers’ horizons and introduce new perspectives. Older schoolchildren will have a chance to see films with themes such as love, self-respect or relationships, told in an entertaining and humorous way. Adolescents will be shown dreamy, funny, sarcastic and many educational films.

In the event of the 40th birthday of Animated Film School from Čakovec (ŠAF), one of the oldest Croatian film clubs for children, Animafest Zagreb is preparing a retrospective of 19 of their films made by children.   

Animafest Zagreb again goes on a neighbourhood tour. Animated films for children are scheduled for Travno Cultural Centre on 13 June at 11am, Trešnjevka Centre for Culture on 14 June at 11am, and the same day the films arrive at Civic University Dubrava Cultural Centre and Cultural Centre in Pešćenica, Knap Centre

Also, Animafest is preparing animation workshops for children and whoever is interested can apply via e-mail: djeca@animafest.hr. During all festival days, except for Sunday, in small hall in Tuškanac cinema, animator Ivana Bošnjak will teach the participants (from 9 years old on) how to create a movement in animated film, with the use of natural materials. 

Until 22 May you can also buy your Family Pass at early "bird price", which enables the entrance to all the screenings appropriate for children. Early Bird Family Pass for a parent and a child costs 80 HRK, and for a parent with two children 120 HRK.