World Festival of Animated Film /
short film edition 3 - 8 June 2014
World Festival of Animated Film / short film edition 3 - 8 June 2014
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ANIMAFEST PRO | Presentations


Date and time: Thursday, June 5, 22:00h
Venue: Kino Tuškanac, Tuškanac 1, Zagreb

One of the peaks of not only Austrian, but also global media art is definitely Ars Electronica – the leading international festival, research centre and futurist museum of the area, founded in 1979 in Linz. Ars Electronica, led by the slogan “Art, Technology and Society” presents itself at Animafest 2014 in the Animafest Pro segment with Expanded Animation. To the invitation of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Zagreb, the programme will be presented by the professor of digital media with the University of Linz and curator of Ars Electronica, Jürgen Hagler.

Expanded Animation includes 10 different screenings about installations, media facades, films about filmmaking and dance performances from the festival component of Ars Electronica’s activities.

List of works Ars Electronica - Expanded Animation:

Made by Humans (2012, UK) by Matt Pyke
Forms (2012, Turkey/Italy) by Memo Akten, Davide Quagliola
Forms, making off (2012, Turkey/Italy) by Memo Akten, Davide Quagliola
Paleodictyon (2012, Belgium) by Simon Geilfus, Yannick Jacquet, Thomas Vaquié
Scrape (2011, Germany) by Robert Seidel
Under an Alias (2012, Turkey) by Nerdworking
Unnamed Soundsculpture (2012, Germany) by Daniel Franke (ChopChop), Cedric Kiefer
Rear Window Loop (2011, Luxembourg) by Jeff Desom
Black Rain (2009, UK) by Semiconductor
Flux (2010, Turkey) by Candaş Şişman