World Festival of Animated Film /
feature film edition 4 - 9 June 2013
World Festival of Animated Film / feature film edition 4 - 9 June 2013
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International Pitching Committee   |   Martina Petrović


Martina Petrović has a major in International Relations and a minor in Psychology. Martina has gained most of her working experience at the Ministry of Culture, Department for International Cultural Cooperation, being responsible for various cultural exchange programmes between Croatia and other countries. Among many activities, she was responsible for the organisation of Croatian film presentation at International Film Festivals in Berlin and Cannes. From 2008, she has been actively involved in establishing the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, where she has stayed, after being chosen by the European Commission and the Board of Committee of the Croatian AV Centre as the Head of MEDIA desk Croatia. Following, immediate and successful results in terms of festivals and project development in particular, working thoroughly on the promotion of the MEDIA Programme in Croatia, building up the awareness of the MEDIA among general public, encouraging Croatian film professionals to apply for calls for proposals, resulted in receiving the first Albert Kapović award for all her efforts and carried results in 2010. As the Head of MEDIA desk Croatia, she has been actively involved in organising innovative and active presentations/workshops, that have shown ongoing interest in the MEDIA Programmes and are always well perceived with a great number of Croatian, but also European participants.