World Festival of Animated Film /
feature film edition 2 - 7 June 2009
World Festival of Animated Film / feature film edition 2 - 7 June 2009
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Meet this year's ANIMAFEST jury

The Grand Competition will screen nine feature animated films that comprise a cross section of the most valuable and important works made in the last three years around the world. A three-member jury consisting of PAUL DRIESSEN, DAVID SILVERMAN and DUNJA JANKOVIĆ will decide on the best films, the GRAND PRIX contestants.

PAUL DRIESSEN – A famous world-renowned Dutch animator, whose career began in the late 1960s with his work on the famous Beatles’ film The Yellow Submarine (1968), which will be screened within Animafest's new programme Cinema for the Ear. In the early 1970s he immigrated to Canada, where he created a rich body of work under the auspices of the National Film Board of Canada. In 2002 Animafest presented Driessen with a lifetime achievement award, and this year it dedicated the Masters of Animation programme to him, therefore the Zagreb audience will get the opportunity to see the majority of his works.

DUNJA JANKOVIĆ – Croatian illustrator and comic book artist, who pursues cut-outs and music. She holds an MA in comic book design from the New York Academy of Visual Arts and is considered one of the most promising young Croatian authors. She has displayed her works at about twenty group and solo exhibitions and published her comic books in Europe and America. She is the winner of praiseworthy national and international awards and the organiser of the unique art festival called ŠKVER!

DAVID SILVERMAN – The American animator best known for directing The Simpsons, the hugely popular TV serial that remained incredibly fresh despite the years of broadcasting, and the feature animated film of the same name from 2007, which will be screened at this year’s Animafest. Silverman is a passionate tubist and a member of a few bands.