World Festival of Animated Film /
World Festival of Animated Film / 1972.
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Immigrants, friendship of Mary and Max, Crisis in the animal world and chinese adventures - today!

Today in cinema Europa we'll be showing one film from the programme of World Panorama, two from the Big contest, and the Night cinema will be shaken by the carnivorous crisis.

At 16pm there's a story about a little chinese boy Zhang Ga and his adventures of heart, wishing to help a man in trouble. A story about friendship, growing up, renunciation and power of will and determination will captivate you with it's honesty and beautiful animation.

After Masterclassa Bill Plymptona follow two films which are competing for Grand Prix of this year's Animafest: Immigrants - L.A. Dolce Vita a work from one of the authors and producers of Simpsons, The Rugrats and Duckman, ilustrator of Zappa's album The Lost Episodes, Gabor Csupe: surely a film which is not to be missed, specially not today, at 18:30pm.

Already at 20.30pm there's a story about unusual friendship between a lonely 8-year old girl from suburbs of Melbourne and a 44-year old overweight Jew from New York. Voices to Mary i Max are given by a crew leaded by Toni Collete and Philip Seymour Hoffmann.

Night programme tonight, at 22:30pm will bi shaken by the carnivorous crisis; corruption, greed, collapse of all rules; Orwell's farm in hands of Pedro Rivera!

Cinema Movieplex has opened its doors at 11am with an exciting film about Three bandits that, with a little girl Tiffany, their new copassenger, show their real faces.

We're putting an accent to educationaly-fun programmes Space and energy and Me, my body and  me(dia) that will be shown at 13:00 i 15:00.

Also, we're inviting you to watch animated movie Kirikou and wild beasts by famous french author Michel Ocelot whose films within Retrospektiva this year are being shown at Animafest, and he's a guest of  zhis year's festival. You can hear him speaking live at Conversations with authors this saturday subotu, July 6th, at 17:30pm, in French Cultural Institute Mediatheque.

All who didn't have a chance to see Idiots and angels by Bill Plympton and The Secret of  Kells by Tom Moore should know that today they'll be screening at 21pm.

See ya!