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World Festival of Animated Film / 8 to 13 June 2020
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Goodbye Mister Christie / Goodbye Mister Christie


Goodbye Mister Christie / Goodbye Mister Christie

Phil Mulloy

United Kingdom / 2010 / 78' 0''



The Christies live in Wellington Green, a picturesque English village with a church, a pond and a cricket pitch. Outwardly Mr Christie is a perfect gentleman. Inwardly he is a selfish arrogant monster. When the whole world sees him on television having sex with a French sailor, his life is changed forever. Prepare to be shocked. This film will take you from the leafy garden suburbs to hell and beyond.

Phil Mulloy

Phil Mulloy is an award-winning British animator born in Wallasey (Merseyside). He studied painting and film and worked as a live-action film writer and director all until the late 1980s, when he began pursuing animation. His animations are mostly described as “satirical grotesque.” In addition to portrayals of contemporary social, political and religious values in a humorous and often shocking way, depictions of the dark sides of human nature have been his favourite pastime. He made over 30 animated films and is best known from his trilogy Intolerance 1, 2, 3 (2000-2004), series Cowboys (1991) and The Ten Commandments (1994-1996). He has won many international awards and is an active mentor in workshops for upcoming animators.



Phil Mulloy


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Phil Mulloy


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