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Fuligem / Soot


Fuligem / Soot

David Doutel, Vasco Sá

Portugal / 2014 / 14' 0''



Like soot that sticks to the walls inside our heads. We can’t see it. It belongs there.

David Doutel

David Doutel (1983, Porto) graduated with a degree in Sound and Image at the Portuguese Catholic University School of Arts, with extensive training in Animation. He works at Sardinha em Lata animation studio, where he is currently an animator on José Miguel Ribeiro’s Viagem a Cabo Verde. He was also part of the animation team on Pedro Serrazina’s Os Olhos do Farol. In 2011, he co-directed O Sapateiro (The Shoemaker), his first joint project with Vasco Sá – also produced by Sardinha em Lata. He is currently collaborating with Bando à Parte production company as a director and animation production director.


Vasco Sá

Vasco Sá (1979, Porto) graduated in Sound and Image at the Portuguese Catholic University School of Art, specializing in Animation. His co-direction of the film Obtuso (Obtuse) marked the end of his academic training; since then he has been involved in various projects. Working for the production company Sardinha em Lata, he was part of the team that created Os Olhos do Farol (Eyes of the Lighthouse) by Pedro Serrazina, and Viagem a Cabo Verde (Journey to Cape Verde) by José Miguel Ribeiro.



David Doutel, Vasco Sá


Bando à Parte